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Django Unchained (2012)

Django Unchained

"Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Vengeance"

Django (Jamie Foxx) is a slave that is giving his freedom by former dentist turned bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz( Christoph Waltz) who turns Django into a bounty hunter and the two men track down Calvin Candie(Leonardo DiCaprio), who bought Django's wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington)


Quentin Tarantino does it again with Django Unchained arguably one of 2012's best if not best movie of the year, even with its too most sensitive subject matter of Slavery,Tarantino does a excellent job of telling a love story that crosses genres (Western,Action,Drama, Comedy, Spaghetti Western, Blaxploitation). effortlessly.

Django Unchained is an adventure that doesn't miss a beat not once even though clocking in at 2hr 45min. and its worth every minute, as the audience goes along on the journey with Django and Dr. King Schultz in slave nation AKA The South trying to find Broomhilda.

Tarantino might have said to his audience in 2009's Inglourious Basterds that "I believe this might just be my masterpiece" but Django Unchained is his masterpiece by far. top notch performances from the stars and the way down the list, which is rare in most movies.


Jamie Foxx- Django

Jamie Foxx turns in his second best performance of his career as Django, by showing that he can be a great actor when giving the chance to do so, he also uses his own horse Cheetah in the movie, hopefully he will do more movies that challenge him like this instead of what he mostly did after Ray and Collateral.

Christoph Waltz- Dr. King Schultz

Waltz is brilliant in Inglourious Basterds but his performance here trumps that movie with his little subtle ways, the man was born to be a part of Tarantino's stock actors who seems to don't even try when it comes to acting. He should get high reward for this performance.

Leonardo DiCaprio- Calvin Candie


Of everyone in this movie I was looking most forward to seeing him play a slave owner in a Tarantino movie, which he does perfectly, yes I hated Calvin Candie, but liked Leonardo DiCaprio's performance because he showed that he could go from this.



In the blink of an eye without missing a beat, I just want to say I don't know what else he has to do at this point after turning in some award worthy performances but he more then deserves to be nominated and win an oscar for this movie.

Kerry Washington- Broomhilda

Kerry Washington used to just be one of my favorite black actresses but after seeing how she is on ABC's Scandal and what she did in this movie she's shot up to my number 1 actress, I don't think any other black actress would've been able to handle what she was put thru and willing to let them put her thru for this movie.

Samuel L. Jackson- Stephen

He himself said in a interview that he will be the most hated man in the movie, some might think how so when its about slavery well since his Stephen is the Uncle Tom of the movie, yes he could be the most hated man but Samuel L. Jackson is good at getting that hate

Walton Goggins- Billy Crash

Anybody who's a fan of The Shield or Justified knows how good of an actor he is, and it was good to see him in a movie big movie like this, and after seeing him in this, I can say that I see him being this generations Warren Oates( if you don't know the name look him up and you'll see what I mean"

Don Johnson- Spencer "Big Daddy" Bennett

Don Johnson yes Miami Vice guy is in this movie and does a great job in his small but important part, Tarantino has always been good at breathing new life into once great actors careers (John Travolta, David Carradine) we shall see if the same is done for Don

Franco Nero-The Original Django

It was a cool thing to have him in the movie as a homage to the Django movies he did in the past and to have him actually interact with Jamie's Django was a nice added too.

All in All Django Unchained is a really good movie that I think would relate to everyone today. Does it have a sensitive subject matter? yes when dealing with Slavery of course its not nice but it happened just like a lot of other nasty things happened thru out the course of history.

Is there alot of use of the N word by white characters? yes, once again its 1858 during slavery time I wouldn't expect the word not to be tossed around as much as it was in the movie, if it hadn't been I think that would've been worse then what most people who think it was used to much thought.

So I highly Recommend this movie because you should be left with after seeing the movie, with great storytelling, acting, casting, cameos, action, comedy. and remember Its D-J-A-N-G-O.....

The D Is Silent

MY RATING: 10/10

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