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The Day (2012)

The Day
The Day(2011)

"Fight. Or Die"


The Day is a Canadian made post apocalyptic movie about 5 people who are traveling on the back roads (its never explained where exactly they are or where they are going) on their journey they find themselves at an abandoned farmhouse, at first they believe it to be a safe haven but soon find out that its not what they were hoping it to be when one of them is killed.

The 4 remaining quickly realize the farmhouse is used as a trapping house by a group of cannibals who control the sounding area  and kill any and everyone who enters their territory and trap house, the 4 survivors do their best to fight off the cannibal clan but they are limited on resources as more of the clan converge on the farmhouse then what they can handle.


When I saw the preview for this movie I was interested in seeing this because I'm a fan of these type of movies and a little surprised to see that it was distributed by the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) but I didn't let that stop me from checking it out.

The movie starts off interesting enough we are introduced to the 5 main characters

Rick-Dominic Monaghen

Adam- Shawn Ashmore

Mary- Ashley Bell

Shannon- Shannyn Sossamon

Henson- Cory Hardrict

I didn't like that one of them is killed off very early in the movie, because we don't get to know much about any of them except for one flashback for one character and when some of them are talking but other then that there is never really anything that made me feel any real connection with any of them.

The Cannibals are almost laughable at best because we never get a reason for what happened to cause why the world went to hell in the first place and weather or not the cannibals are the ones who did it or if they just sprung up after everything went bad.

For the most part the acting is very uneven with probably the best performance coming from Ashley Bell who really needs to be in bigger and better movies since she is a very underrated actress who deserves better, she's a badass in this movie and can handle the physical stuff.

The movie is only 87 minutes (1h 27min) but should've been longer which would've helped fresh out characters and backstory, I don't know to much about the filmmakers but I noticed alot of homages to Night Of The Living Dead, The Road Warrior, Stake Land, and a few other movies that are similar in theme.

All in all I was let down more then I expected by The Day(Expectations were already very low) with the uneven acting, Story didn't make much sense, the action was decent but could've been alot better, really getting tired of the extreme close up fight scenes where you only see the characters and not much around them to give them room to move around.

This is my first review that I've done for a movie that I don't highly recommend especially if you seen the preview for The Day and was thinking it was going to be heavy action its not.

My Rating 5/10

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