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Machete Kills (2013)

Machete Kills

"Trained To Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill"

Machete Kills Wallpaper Machete Kills Film Movie 2013 Action


Machete Kills is the sequel to Robert Rodriguez grindhouse/exploitation cult classic which started as just a fake trailer attach to his and Quentin Tarantino's double feature Grindhouse(Planet Terror/Death Proof). If you thought that it couldn't get anymore crazier then the first Machete. Machete Kills...Kills again...and again.

Machete Kills begins with a trailer of the next installment Machete Kills Again: In Space which isn't that bad and actually looks like something I would want to see, there are characters from Machete Kills that we haven't seen yet that will be in the next one and a few that go along with Machete to continue his fight....enough about the fake trailer for a movie that may or may not actually be made and promoting certain actors who may or may not be involved.

This film begins with Agent Sartana (Jessica Alba) and Machete (Danny Trejo) busting up a arms deal between a group of soldiers and a drug cartel, in true Machete fashion things go to hell as the cartel shows up and a huge gun and machete battle breaks out, during the chaos Agent Sartana is killed by a masked man and Machete is once again left to take the blame.

Machete is taken by a crazy Sheriff (William Sadler) who hangs Machete but like the true other worldly figure that he is, Machete doesn't die...he can't die, while the Sheriff and his deputy watch Machete and he stares at them back, there is a phone call...From The President of the fucking United States (Carlos Estevez aka Charlie Sheen), he wants Machete in Washington D.C. ASAP.
Machete Kills Picture 15
President Rathcock,no joke that's the president name, well I guess President Bush was already taken LOL...anyway The President recruits Machete for another dangerous mission that only Machete can take on. he has to go to Mexico which thanks to events from the first movie has a wall up to separate the two countries and find Marco Mendez aka Marco The Madman (Demian Bichlr) who has a nuclear missile aimed right at the U.S. The President wants Mendez dead before he can launch the missile...sounds pretty easy right.
Machete Kills (2013) Screenshot
It's not that simple as Machete's handler for this mission is an undercover agent that does beauty pageants code name Miss San Antonio (Amber Heard) she lays out the details about Mendez and lays out a few other things as well for Machete in a true grindhouse'll have to watch the movie for all of that....back to the mission. Machete is dropped into Mexico where the only way to get to Mendez is with the help of a young woman Cereza (Vanessa Hudgens) who is safe guarded by a gang of hookers led by Desdemona (Sofia Vergara) who doesn't make things any easier for Machete who manages to get the girl and finds himself face to face with Mendez.
Machete Kills may not see the light of day
Mendez isn't called The Madman for nothing because as Cereza explains Mendez has split personality issues one minute he is the real Mendez who isn't as bad a guy, but the next he can be The Madman who kills like the snap of the finger and doesn't care who he kills even if he loves them. and The Madman makes it even harder for Machete or anybody else to kill him since he has the missile linked to his heart so if he dies so will a lot of people.


Even though this is a grindhouse style action movie the acting isn't supposed to be really all that good, yet there are some standout performances here. Mel Gibson as Voz shows the world that he can still act even if its as a some what clichéd character but his almost no care in the world attitude to certain situations is what separates his characters from the rest that come from the same line.
machete kills mel gibson
I have to mention Walt Goggins, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Lady Gaga, and Antonio Banderas who virtually play the same character who is only known as El Chameleon?La Chameleon is something you don't really see or even see how these four portray this character and its probably one of the most interesting characters in the movie...would like to see more of this character.
MACHETE KILLS Showtimes in San AntonioMachete Kills - Footage 3
Machete Kills (2013) BRrip 720p Sub. Español PL-MGMachete Kills 1080p (Machete 2) Español Latino Full HD 2013

Sofia Vergara really showed me something as Desdemona the leader of the hooker gang, yes she is over the top with the different types of guns and way that she uses them, but any fans of her for what she does on Modern Family will be surprised at the mad woman that she is in a good way, its always good when actors/actresses get away from what they are known for doing and Vergara surely does that here.
Video: 'Machete Kills' Red Band trailer
My favorite character and acting job goes to Demian Bichlr as Mendez/The Madman now seeing him on Weeds as the drug cartel leader married to Nancy was one thing, seeing him on FXs The Bridge is good too but  Bichlr as Mendez/The Madman is very Jekyll/Hyde  he balances both personalities making you believe and even question which one he is at any giving moment if he played this type of role in a serious drama, no question in my mind he would get high praise for it.

There are quite a few of the regular players from the first movie to help support Machete namely Luz/She (Michelle Rodriguez), Tom Savini, The Avellan Twins aka The Crazy Babysitter Twins, Dr. Felix just to name a few.

I know its kinda tough to judge a movie's acting when the acting isn't supposed to be on a high level, just check out some real grindhouse style films to know exactly what I mean.
Machete Kills tem a 8ª pior estreia dos últimos 30 anos do cinema ...


The directing in Machete Kills is a lot better then Machete for one and this is just a theory I have that Robert Rodriguez didn't direct much of the first film because why else was that other guy name mentioned as co director, if you have seen any of Rodriguez's other films you can tell the difference, Rodriguez here seems to have righted the ship in that department as things seem to flow a bit more naturally and there are a lot of Carpenter esque shots in his directing also a nice Mad Max shot with Mel Gibson as well.


Is Machete Kills a great movie? No. but it is a fun movie that shouldn't be taken to seriously Its to bad really that Machete couldn't have come along when Danny Trejo was probably 20 years younger but then again he is the Mexican Charles Bronson so these films will go as long as there are some interest in them and as long as Trejo can continue.

After the movie there is a more legit trailer for Machete kills Again In Space which fits more in line with the events that play out in the movie, I do like the book end with the two trailers for this movie and also the Star Wars type of direction the movie starred to take and seems like the next one will continue on.

I thought it was the right move to kill off Jessica Alba's character in the beginning of this film because she doesn't fit in this grindhouse world, but from what I've seen of her in Sin City 2 she might just be fitting into that world better.


Danny Trejo-Machete
Mel Gibson- Voz
Demian Bichlr- Mendez/The Madman
Michelle Rodriguez-Luz
Amber Heard-Miss San Antonio
Sofia Vergara-Desdemona
Walt Goggins- El Chameleon
Cuba Gooding, Jr.-El Chameleon 2
Lady Gaga- La Chameleon
Antonio Banderas- El Chameleon 4
Alexa Vega-Killjoy
Vanessa Hudgens-Cereza
Tom Savini- Osiris
Charlie Sheen(Carlos Estevez)-President Rathcock
Jessica Alba- Agent Sartana

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Top Ten War Films

With it being Memorial Day weekend, I started thinking what are some of my favorite war films since there are a lot of good one so when it came to narrowing them down to only 10 it was tough to do so but after some time I DID IT!!!...There will be some universal fan favorites and probably a few that depending on how far back you go back with the era of films you watch may not know a few of the films.

Also none of the movies on my list are based around the current wars that are going on now. I would've add Zero Dark Thirty which I'm a fan of but I don't really consider that a war movie per se, The Hurt Locker doesn't make the list either because I haven't seen it all the way threw probably will do a review of that film in the future, the closet movie to present day will be the number 10 film. all of the rest take place in the older wars...anyway enough of me rambling lets do this.

10. Red Dawn (1984)

This movie is a more of a what if scenario about how World War III could happen, one thing I like about this movie is that the cast who at this point in time which was led by Patrick Swayze and a bunch of up and comers stars in the making after Swayze is most notable Charlie Sheen(I wonder If this is the last time I mention his name on this list). its a cold war film that deals with Russians and Cubans taking over the U.S. and setting up shop.

One of their points of entry is in a small mid western town where only a handful of young teens escape capture and manage to fight back. the movie plays very realistic (unlike its remake that came out a few years ago) some good action scenes and a few emotionally scenes is what helps this movie
kick off the countdown.

9. Glory(1989)

Glory might shock some who read this as it comes in kinda low on the list, but its my list and I have my reasons. this is the first movie that shows an all black group of soldiers actually fighting and being the main focus of a war movie and stars two of my favorite actors(Can you believe Matthew Broderick was more well known at the time, surprising right) a some what known at the time Morgan Freeman, and a young Denzel Washington who basically cement that he would be a major star in one powerful scene where he is forced to remove his shirt and take a beating.

The one probably I have with Glory is that even though its based on/Inspired by a true story there are some historically inaccurate with the story which is way it comes in low on the list, but other then that its a very good movie, and some what gets overlooked when list like these are made, but there are strong performances threw out and the final battle scene is one sure not to be forgotten .

8. Hamburger Hill (1987)

Hamburger Hill is inspired by the true events that took place over a 10 day period where a group of soldiers are trying to secure a hill during the Vietnam war, once again we have a virtually unknown cast of young men some who would go on to be stars most notable are Dylan McDermott, Don Cheadle). the movie was one of the first war movies I ever seen so takes to it and the fact that I've always been into the Vietnam war is one of the reasons I enjoy this movie, but the biggest thing about this movie that I like where a lot of other steer clear from is the realistic and harrowing ways death is dealt with, I don't think before and even after to some degree has a war movie shown people being blown literally to small pieces where noting is left like this one did.

Hamburger Hill earns it name which also is the real name that the hill was given because of all of the ground up young men who died on the hill, a few scenes that always stick out to me is first the friendly fire accident after what was a successful battle up the hill and the final scene of Steven Weber's character which most seeing it might think its unrealistic but its an interesting imagine to say the least.

Unfortunately Hamburger Hill came at a time when people were finally getting pass the Vietnam war stuff and also it was a tough act to follow after the hit of Platoon which came a year earlier, but if you enjoy war movies and haven't seen this one. I recommend checking this on out.

7. The Thin Red Line (1998)

Just like number 8 this movie gets vastly over looked because it was competing with the Spielberg/Hanks huge hit that was released the same year...what was it's name again LOL...The Thin Red Line like a war movie that didn't make the list is heavy star studded probably most star studded cast all time either past stars, current stars or future stars and I'm not including the ones that were cut from the final film.

The Thin Red Line which is based off a book about soldiers of war, who aren't just battling the enemy but each other and in some cases themselves, its hard when you have a long list of very good actors in a film to pick out any standouts but there are a few for me Sean Penn as a world weary sergeant gets the bulk of screen time who you will see one way in the beginning but of the course changes and probably changes again because of the war, Jim Caviezel in one of his earliest roles character seems like a fish out of water but in a good way because of his character spiritually and way of thinking ( I think this role had something to do with him being casted in The Passion Of The Christ) and then last but not least is Nick Nolte who I don't know how he survived making the movie with all the yelling he does in a few key scenes.

This was Terrence Malick's first film in over 20 years and he delivers a very emotionally and powerful war movie which you don't see to many like this, the battle scenes are crafted beautifully(if you can say that about war) like I said earlier its to bad this movie was overshadowed by that other movie in 98' because this one deserves a lot of high praise as well.

6.The Great Escape (1963)
the great escape 1963 one of the great popcorn movies
Another star studded cast that takes place not on a battlefield but yet in a German POW Camp, with British and U.S. soldiers who instead of sitting and waiting to be freed or killed which every comes first decide to work together to free themselves from the camp, one thing about The Great Escape its some what a fun movie to watch which isn't always the case in war movies, the secret planning and then execution of those plans play almost heist films like. Steve McQueen steals the movie with his coolness probably way his character in the movie was dubbed The Cooler King, one of the most memorable scenes is that of him showing off his motorcycle skills during the escape. there are a
few emotional scenes but for the most part this is the only movie on the list that a family could sit and watch together.

5. The Dirty Dozen (1967)
... movie music, has just released both The Dirty Dozen and The Satan Bug
Yet again another star studded cast but this group aren't so nice of guy, but they are just right for Lee Marvin's Major Reisman who is assigned this group of killers and sociopaths and even psychopaths in one members case. Where The Great Escape is fun for the most part, The Dirty Dozen is just that Dirty as their mission is basically a suicide mission but if these men survive they could begin their lives over again.

a few standouts here are John Cassevettes as Victor Franko who represents the anti authority figure perfectly with his wise cracks and care free way of thinking towards everyone and everything , and Telly Savalas as Maggot who represents the some men just want to watch the world burn group and shouldn't have been allowed to go along on the mission from the get go.

This is one of Quentin Tarantino's inspirations for his film Inglorious Basterds and during the final battle you can see why.

4. Full Metal Jacket (1987)
full metal jacket movie poster
Even though by 1987 most people where somewhat getting away from Vietnam war movies and after Platoon being a huge hit the year before, Full Metal Jacket Directed by Stanley Kubrick none the less still kept focus on this war time period just a bit longer,with how Kubrick focus the first half of the movie on the young recruits in boot camp and the stress that can put on a man, some excel and some crack under pressure and one character does just that and Kubrick masterfully shows that character downward spiral into madness perfectly and only in Kubrick fashion.

the second half of the movie focuses on the war itself where a few of the recruits from the first half have made it and are now in the shit and in more ways then one, during this part of the movie Kubrick shows the different personality of all of the all the guys who have been there for a long. there aren't a lot of battle scenes in Full Metal Jacket majority of the battles especially in the first half takes place inward, but the actual war scenes are directed very well few notable scenes are during an ambush were the LT is killed, and Kubrick films the forward progress of the soldiers from a POV where you feel as if you are right there with these guys.

The second and probably one of the best parts of the movie is the whole deal with a sniper who picks off a few guys and the slow motion way that its done would make Sam Peckinpah stand up and applaud it is...Full Metal Jacket some what takes little things from past war movies and really turn then on itself which Kubrick was very good at doing.

3. Platoon (1986)
Platoon poster art
I've mentioned this film a few times among previous films on this less because this war film became some what of a standard of war films during the 80s with a stars in the making cast Williem Dafoe and Tom Berenger are the old guys here at that time and Charlie Sheen (hey he was also in the number 10 spot film) is caught between the two fathers fighting for control of his soul, also look out for a young Johnny Depp too, what separates Platoon from a lot of the other war films of this time and before is that writer/Director Oliver Stone himself fought in the Vietnam war and to some degree these are things that he experienced doing his tour of duty.

Sheen narrates the audience threw this madness of group of guys who are aligned with either the free spirits  group led by Elias (Dafoe) or the Jarhead true army group led by Barnes (Berenger) which plays out the course of the movie and is more of the true war that is being fought instead of against the enemy.

Dafoe really standouts as the good natured Elias who wants to do the right things and his final scene leaves a lasting image long after the movie is over, so much so that his image is on the posters and cover for the movie.

The battle scenes are really good ones and are executed like true battle situations (once again doesn't hurt to have a veteran behind the camera) one lasting imagine from one of the first battle scenes is the slow reveal of the Vietcong slowly approaching out of the darkness.

Even though I enjoy Platoon so much it only comes in at number 3 which means what two films could be better then this one.

2. Saving Private Ryan (1998)
saving private ryan Pictures, Photos & Images
The Spielberg directed and Tom Hanks starring war film about a group of soldiers who risk their lives to go find a young Private Ryan to get him back home safely,not  only has one of the best opening battle scenes but one of the best scenes in any movie period. the events that happens on Omaha beach is what kick starts the whole mission to save Private Ryan because all 3 of his brothers are killed on that beach at the same time and the army doesn't want to have to send their mother 4 letters about her sons.(would they actually do something like that in real life?)

Hanks leads a group of soldiers among them veteran actor Tom Sizemore who gives his finest performance in his career, and a young Vin Diesel (two years before his breakout role in Pitch Black), the group swiftly moves threw the county where they meet up with other groups of soldiers, and meeting up with the wrong Private Ryan played by Nathan Fillion which is a awkwardly funny scene in an otherwise serious movie.

Saving Private Ryan plays like a true Spielberg film where you get to know enough about each character except Capt. Miller (Hanks), even his own men take bets on what he does back home, stuff like this is what makes Saving Private Ryan good because the audience gets emotionally invested in the characters weather you like them or not, by the time they and the audience finally meets with the correct Private Ryan (Matt Damon) and lets him know they are there to take him back, if the journey to get him was hard well the journey to get him back home is even that much tougher.

One of the best things about Saving Private Ryan to me is the realistic natural that Spielberg presents the film so much so that even when its shown on network television its not edited, its shown the way war is ment to be seen right in you're face and unapologetic. I know a lot of fans enjoy the opening battle scene but me personally I enjoy the final one a little bit more, just like in Hamburger Hill this movie doesn't shy away from seeing bodies blown to bits and shy away from blood neither.

Spielberg's film as good as it is took a lot away from the other war film of that year The Thin Red Line, but one is ment to touch us all in the way that Spielberg has mastered over the years. but one movie out does Saving Private Ryan on my list.

1. Apocalypse Now (1979)
Apocalypse Now 01.jpg - Apocalypse Now Wallpapers
If you take the previous 9 films on this list and mix them up in a blender together you get Apocalypse Now. this movie to me is the best war movie, based off the book Heart of Darkness Francis Ford Coppola takes us on a journey that doesn't just change its characters but anyone who watches it.
The opening scene of Martin Sheen laying in a bed in a hotel room, where his self destruction plays out to The Doors haunting The End gives us a glimpse of what's to come.

where other cast in war movies are star studded or up and comers for the most part. this movie has all of that with stars like Robert Duval as a wild man Colonial who decides to destroy a village just so he can surf is one of the best sequences in the movie but way out there moments too and his speech has been engrained in film buffs minds forever "I Love The Smell Of Napalm In The Morning...)

Small cameo appearance by Harrison Ford, a very young Laurence Fishburne, and Dennis Hopper who in my opinion sums up exactly what this movie is all in his character overall...but the man who gets the top billing Marlon Brando is something of ying and yang in this movie on one hand his performance is powerful and some what other worldly but on the other hand he caused more problems then any one by not reading the script, and gaining weight for a role that didn't warrant it, I guess we had to take the bad in order to get the good, but Ford Coppola never worked with Brando again after this film so bad won out over good there.

Ford Coppola directs a film that was a challenge from the word go, watch the documentary Heart of Darkness to get more about that, but some how after 3 year of filming all of it paid off with a harrowing range of emotions that leaves you spent after watching this film, even though the film was really good back in 79 Ford Coppola himself was really satisfied with it years later so he decided to re release it in theaters in 2001 as Apocalypse Now Redux that adds additionally footage that makes it that much more surreal.

Well there it is my top ten war films of all time, I'm sure some you agree with and others you may not agree with, so comment you're thoughts of my list, make you're own list and also agree or disagree with mine, thanks for reading

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X-Men Days of Future Past (2014)

X-Men Days of Future Past

"Answer to the future lies in the past"


X-Men Days of Future Past was one of the most anticipated movies from the word go. this film would be bringing together stars from the original X-Men series and from the new series as well. How can that be since one takes place in current day while the other takes place in years past. good old time travel is how.

DOFP begins in a gloomy future where almost all the mutants have been either killed or imprisoned. Xavier(Patrick Stewart) along with Magneto(Ian McKellen) along with what's left of the X-Men Wolverine(Hugh Jackman), Storm (Halle Berry), Shadowcat (Ellen Page), Iceman(Shawn Ashmore), Colossus (Daniel Cudmore), and some new heroes Blink(Binkbink Fan),Sunspot(Adam Canto), Warpath (BooBoo Stewart),are fighting for their lives against one enemy that they can not defeat known as Sentinels that were created to destroy all mutants and anyone who helps mutants.

The X-Men find themselves in china at a final strong hold that they have, where it is decided that Shadowcat has to send someone back in time to stop the events that lead to the war that has caused all of this. Wolverine is chosen since he is the only one that can survive the trip.

Wolverine's conscious is sent back to his younger self in 1973 where he has to find Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) who at this time according to future Xavier "Isn't in a good place" and convince him of this crazy story of time travel and what all of their futures hold.

When I first heard about this new movie, it peaked my interest for a number of reasons, I've always been a fan of the X-Men going back to when I was a kid. and even a fan of the franchise the first 2 movies where very good, Last Stand is where things lose it's way. Origins:Wolverine is a decent movie that furthers Wolverine's story, First Class is where the reset button was first pressed, haven't seen the Wolverine sequel yet but I'm gonna focus on DOFP here.

Days of Future Past doesn't disappoint in my opinion, it plays out almost like a comic or episode from the Animate series that last for a little over 2 hrs which seems to fly by, we get to see a lot of our favorite characters either at different points in their lives (Xavier, Magneto, Wolverine,Mystique), we are introduced to new characters to the films Bishop(Omar Sy), Quicksilver(Evan Peters). new/old villains depending on how you look at it with Dr.Trask(Peter Dinklage), Major Styker(Josh Helman) and the Sentinel machines that were only hinted at or briefly seen in previous films.

Days of Future Past does a very good job balancing both groups of X-Men and time periods in one movie, which Bryan Singer director of the first two films deserves praise for the storyline that he created with the first two movies along with what Matthew Vaughn set up in First Class is where this movie truly deserves to be connected too.


When it comes to most superhero movies the acting can sometimes take a backseat to either the action or special effects but here we get to see some good acting moments namely James McAvoy who looks like a man who has lose his way and needs help getting back on track but his Xavier does a lot of growing up and we see the beginning of the Xavier that we have come to know.

Jennifer Lawrence's Raven/Mystique shows a lot of signs of the Rebecca Romijn Mystique from the first three films where she is cold. ruthless from being with Magneto for so long, but also there is some Raven left in her that grew up with Charles Xavier.

Michael Fassbender has really taken Eric/Magneto and made it his own, not taking anything away from Ian McKellen, but Fassbender's Magneto is headstrong and ruthless and is an agent of chaos(to steal from another supervillain) but what I like is that you can see McKellen's Magneto in Fassbender's younger version.

Peter Dinklage as Trask the man who wants to bring down the mutants standouts not only because of his size which has nothing to do with how good of an actor he is, anyone who has watched him on Game of Thrones knows that even though he is small in stature his acting and screen presence is very large and even in a few scenes here you forget that he isn't normal size. I wonder if we will see him again in any future films.

Now with all of the stars that are present here I'm going to shock a lot of people by giving high praise to Evan Peters as Quicksilver who brings a lot of joyfulness to the movie, the scenes that he appear in are all fun especially during one scene that could've went very bad but he turns it all around. now I don't know how Marvel's Quicksilver will be( I haven't seen him yet) but I do like this Quicksilver and Peters performance is a highlight for sure. also the little reference he makes to Magneto about his mother is a nice touch too, long time fans will get it for sure. Hopefully we see more of this QuickSilver in future films

There are a bunch of cameos in the movie which are good and bad depending if you were seeing the movie to see certain stars you might be a little disappointed but with how this movie ends you'll probably be seeing more of them in the future.


X-Men Days of Future Past has become the best film of this long franchise to this point, I know it seems like a prisoner of the moment remark but its not because its probably the most complete film of them all it makes right a few wrongs that a couple of the previous films made and now the full reset button has been pushed to where now the X-Men movies can truly work.

Fans of the series, comics and cartoons should be pleased with this installment, and fans of just the films should be as well, I highly recommend seeing this movie on the big screen weather 2D, 3D, IMAX whatever its worth it...also there is a scene after (a lot a lot a lot ) of credits so just wait because it shows just a glimpse of who and what's to come next for the X-Men

Hugh Jackman-Logan/Wolverine
James McAvoy-Charles Xavier
Michael Fassbender-Eric/Magneto
Jennifer Lawrence-Raven/Mystique
Halle Berry-Storm
Nicholas Hoult- Hank/Beast
Peter Dinklage- Dr. Trask
Ellen Page-Kitty Pride/Shadowcat
Evan Peters-Peter/QuickSilver
Shawn Ashmore- Bobby/Iceman
Omar Sy-Bishop

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Godzilla (2014) poster.jpg

"The King of the Monsters"

My Thoughts

Let me start off by saying that I'm not a huge fan of the Godzilla movie franchise. I've watched some of the older movies, and I've saw the 1998 Godzilla starring Matthew Broderick, which I liked as a kid but as time has gone by I don't like it as much now, maybe I'll go into my reasons about that If I decide to review that film at some point.

What I am going to talk about is the new reboot to the long standing monster franchise Godzilla 2014. when I first heard they were going to bring him back onto the big screen, my initial reaction was their going to really mess it up because it's going to be CGI to death.

Then they announced that Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Aaron Taylor-Johnson(KickAss), Elizabeth Olson(Oldboy), Ken Watanabe(Inception), Juliette Binoche(The English Patient) were going to be starring and that peaked my interest because all of these people are good to great actors, since the cast is good then I might give the movie a chance.

Of course I was still on the fence about the movie being made because in my mind, I'm thinking its going to be a CGI mess or Clusterfuck LOL...until I saw the first teaser trailer, which it was just that a teaser that gave us just enough of a look at what this movie as going to be about, which finally sold me on the idea of seeing this movie.

So opening day(May 16) I went to the movie theater to see the new Godzilla, I didn't see the movie in 3D nor IMAX. I have issues with all of that but save once again for another post. I saw it in regular old 2D(Old School I Know), before the movie started two things I noticed 1) at the time I went to see the movie there were more then the number of people in the theater then I expected and 2) most of them were teens who probably were not fans of the original films and really little when the 1998 film was released.

The opening of the movie gives some good back story like a lot of these reboot movie do and some should do in the future of rebooting movies.

I'm  not going to go deep into this movie like I've done with many of my reviews on previous movie reviews so I will keep things simple here.


Bryan Cranston does a really good job here(when does he not) the only thing about his character is that during the movie when he talks about keeping family safe and government cover ups, I didn't see his character but saw some of Walter White/Heisenberg shining threw. the guy will always forever be Mr. White in my opinion but it doesn't take anything away from the good performance here.

Elizabeth Olson she is good in the scenes she is in but the one thing about her character that kinda sticks out in a negative way is that she was a bit young to be playing the kinda character that she was supposed to be but see still pulls it off for the most part.

Ken Watanabe has always been a good actor in every movie I've seen him in, here he seems to be the link between the movie and the audience meaning anytime something needed to be explained about Godzilla or something else he was the go too guy for that, for that I felt he was some what underused in the movie, but at the same time I get why he was that way.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson who is must famous as KickAss seems to grow up and leave that behind here, which is a good thing, he really shows range with his acting and as you get to know the most about him as the movie goes on.

Sally Hawkins was a surprise to see in this movie as she does more drama or dramedy type movies, so seeing her here as Ken Watanabe character partner was somewhat a surprise because like him her talents are under utilized.

Juliette Binoche has a glorified cameo here as Bryan Cranston's character wife, felt like her role could've been played by virtually any actress, but I guess there needed to be a very dramatic impact here but I felt she was very very under utilized in this movie for sure.

Acting 3.5/5

Godzilla doesn't play out like a typical movie of this genre and nor does it play out like most of the older Godzilla flicks, this movie is very character driven and which helps you feel for the supporting Human characters.


The king of monsters himself doesn't look like the 98' incarnation thankfully, but more like the original monsters, but not cheesy neither, The CGI effects in this movie are done very well and makes him looks like if Godzilla was really this is how he would look, I know there were some who didn't feel his roar was loud enough well when he does roar in the movie you know he is there and he means business.

Godzilla 5/5


Gareth Edwards really seemed to pull all that make Godzilla what he is together in this movie as well as give a good story to follow here with character emotions and how this would play out if it was real, also mixing reality with fiction was a good touch, there is also some Spielbergesque directing here as well when it comes to how we see Godzilla and the build up to him is very good as well.

directing 5/5


After the movie was over the majority of the crowd I saw the movie with gave an applause at the end because the movie overall was very good, because If you are not a die hard Godzilla fan like myself you can appreciate this film and if you are a die hard fan you should really enjoy this film because it looks as if Godzilla has come back strong with a huge roar.

I didn't stick around to see if there was an after credit scene ( that seems to be the thing now) but even if there is or isn't a after credit scene I wouldn't mind a sequel to this film even though there doesn't necessarily need to be one.


Aaron Taylor-Johnson-Ford Brody
Elizabeth Olson-Elle Brody
Ken Watanabe- Dr. Serizawa
Sally Hawkins- Dr. Graham
Juliette Binoche- Sandra Brody
David Strathairn-Admiral Stenz
Bryan Cranston- Joe Brody