Monday, February 16, 2015

Dead Before Dawn (2012)


A bunch of college kids accidentally unleash an evil curse that causes people to kill themselves and turn into zombie demons aka Zemons

What do you do when a group of college kids accidentally unleash an truly evil curse that makes people kill themselves and turn them into demon zombies or zemons for short.

Dead Before Dawn takes a very interesting approach to the zombie genre as it brings something fairly new and fresh with the whole demon zombie curse, at first seemed silly but as the film went on it made more sense and actually worked.

I thought it was funny how when the group brought the curse forward they made a mockery of these types of curses in films because the zemon killed you by giving you hickeys and one way to stop them was to french kiss them.

The cast are relatively unknowns with the exceptions of Christoper Lloyd, Mullen used him again in her action thriller 88, here Lloyd is very much playing a version of Doc Brown from Back to The Future and even makes a few references to that film which is fine but he doesn’t get alot of screen time, but looks good as a zemon.

Martha MacIsaac who is best known for her role in Superbad here is very good and likeable, It’s kind of hard not to like her she just has that girl next door likability It factor.

Devon Bostick as the lead I had a few issues with through out the film, seemed to take awhile to get behind his character even though he’s the one as a viewer should be supporting from the word go, but overall he does a good job especially near the end of the film.

The supporting actors all play their roles perfectly and get what the film is all about, most notables being Brandon Jay McLaren who brings the funny one more then a few points and steals the show a few times, April Mullen and Tim Doiron are very good as well, doesn’t hurt that Mullen also directs and Doiron wrote the screenplay.

The team of Mullen and Doiron work very good together and after seeing 88 and now Dead Before Dawn to very different films but both with both films they show that they are good at what they are doing and have fun with it, hopefully bigger things are to come with future projects.

All in all I was very entertained with Dead Before Dawn which reminded me of a few classic horror comedies like The Return of the Living Dead, Evil Dead and Shaun of The Dead to name a few, if you are someone who likes over the top horror comedies then this is a most watch for you.


Devon Bostick-Casper Galloway
Martha MacIsaac-Charlotte Baker
Christoper Lloyd-Horus Galloway
Brandon Jay McLaren- Dazzle Darlington
Brittany Allen- Lucy Winthrop
Kyle Schmid-Patrick Bishop
Tim Doiron- Seth Munday
April Mullen-Becky Fords
Kevin McDonald- Professor Duffy
Ellen Dubin- Beverly Galloway  

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