Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gone Girl (2014)

"You don't know what you got til it's..."

With his wife's disappearance having become the focus of an intense media circus, a man sees the spotlight turned on him when its suspected that he may not be innocent.


Gone Girl is a 2014 film Directed by David Fincher(The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) who puts his unique style of filmmaking on huge display here, the film begins like any normal missing persons type of tale but as things move along things begin to not be what it appears to be and a very well cat and mouse tale plays out.

Ben Affleck gives probably his best acting performance here as husband Nick Dunne who struggles with finding his wife(is she dead or alive?), the media circus that follows him as the story progress and he goes from being concerned husband and in an instant becomes public enemy no.1. I know that Affleck has gotten alot of flack in the past, but in recent years and especially here he shows that he is a very good actor and that he'll make a good Batman(Batfleck)

The supporting cast here are some of the best that I think I've seen in recent history, Tyler Perry turns in a fine performance as high power attorney Tanner Bolt, In some ways he put me in the mind of the late Johnnie Cochran not sure if there was any inspiration there Perry is a joy to watch threw out. Neil Patrick Harris goes against type here as Desi Collins, and he is very impressive, also shows that he could/should do more films like this.

Carrie Coon who I wasn't familiar with before the movie is a good ying to Affleck's yang since she plays as his twin sister, the two have good chemistry together and its in my opinion the glue of this film since there is alot of time spent between the two.

Now on to Rosamund Pike aka The Gone Girl, Pike who I've been a fan of for while now finally gets her moment to shine and does she every as Amy Dunne, I won't say to much about her character especially for any one who has seen the film yet, but I will say Pike might not have been on alot of people's radar before but after Gone Girl she most definitely be the IT Girl.

I haven't read the book(I plan too) but I liked the way media was used here and showed just how media can be and just based on public perception how things can shift one way or another, there is a lot of social commentary here.

This is one of those films that I believe everyone should see because of the different themes that play out it, marriage, family, media, etc...I know that its being compared to 1987's Fatal Attraction, but personally I don't see that with how this story is more complex then that film and I see it more a kin to that of another Fincher film 1997's The Game.

Gone Girl come award season should be nominated for alot of awards and would not be surprised if there are a few wins in the acting categories namely Affleck, Pike, Patrick Harris. If you haven't seen this film yet its a much watch with an interesting story with very good performances and just an overall really well made film.


Ben Affleck- Nick Dunne
Rosamund Pike-Amy Dunne
Neil Patrick Harris-Desi Collings
Tyler Perry-Tanner Bolt
Carrie Coon-Margo Dunne
Kim Dickens-Detective Rhonda Boney
Patrick Fugit-Officer Jim Gilpin
Missi Pyle-Ellen Abbott
Casey Wilson-Noelle Hawthorne
Sela Ward-Sharon Schieber

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