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Don Jon (2013)

Don Jon

"There Is More To Life...Right?


Don Jon is the directional debut of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who also stars as the title role of Don Jon, a young twenty something's guy who likes to hang out with his friends played by Rob Brown and Jeremy Luke, who like to go out to clubs and pick up random girls and boost about it(something all guys and even some women like to do).

One night Jon and his friends are out, doing their typical thing when Jon sees what Jon describes as the most beautiful thing he has ever seen at the bar which is the very beautiful Scarlett Johansson who literally just might be or very close to being the most beautiful thing ever created(ok gotta stay focused here) Jon puts the moves on her, same moves he puts on every girl, but this girl is different from all the others, where she doesn't fall for his game and leaves him hanging.

Deciding to look for this girl Jon ask around and finally gets her name, and does something which used to be very hard now very easy by going on Facebook and looks her up and sends her a friend request and message(There is a message in this whole scene that people should pay attention too).

Jon meets Barbara(Johansson) for lunch where she question him about how he found her and ask him to do one thing which is never lie to her, the two hit it off, but this girl is very different from the girls Jon Is used to and Jon is different from a lot of guys that Barbara knows and has something of a secret of his own. his secret is that he is addicted to porn.

Which kind of explains Jon's point of view on relationships and his attitude towards women and even sex itself. his secret is revealed to Barbara in a typical and embarrassing way that many men when they are young are usually caught watching porn by a parent, but Barbara walks in on him which of course like any woman would do is freak out on him.

Jon being the smooth operator that he is, is able to calm the situation down and regains Barbara's trust (If you got her for a girlfriend why would you need porn?) after some time and Jon and Barbara seems to be getting serious especially when they meet each others family, we only see Barbara meeting Jon's family where Danza) shows where Jon gets his ways from and can't keep his hands and eyes off of Barbara(Did I mention how sexy Scarlett Johansson is in this movie).

Jon seems to be turning in his player card and settling down with Barbara and begins to turn his life around when he starts taking a college class where he meets an older woman Ester(Julianne Moore) who is a little weird, well a lot weird but there are reasons for that and after an awkward meeting of the two become friends.


When I first heard about Don Jon and saw the trailers for it, it seemed like it would be just another guy who is player meets the right girl fall in love type of film which on the surface it is, but the deeper side of the movie is the fact that Jon is addicted to porn and the scenes of Jon explaining in narration why he loves porn so much more so then an actual woman lets the viewer into the mind of some one who is very tunneled vision.

Gordon-Levitt does a fine job as director by showing weather by accident or on purpose how much what people perceive on TV and Entertainment to be considered reality when real life doesn't operate the same way, and the fact that the movie shows Jon going to church with his family every sunday and confessing his sins shows that Jon knows what he is doing is wrong but yet continues to do the things he does are behavior traits of an addict.

Scarlett Johansson's turn as Barbara as sexy and beauty as she is and in one scene gets Jon off without sex shows just how hot she really is (How many women can actually do that in real life, I haven't met one...yet) she herself has a few secrets that are only shown on the surface, I would've liked to have seen some of her secrets exposed because just the few glimpses of her other side is scary.

Julianne Moore as Ester brings for some emotional and even heartfelt moments and its not to bad seeing Moore in another movie that some what revolves around porn (anyone who's seen Boogie Nights know why I say that) but I think her character was very much needed and shows the other side of what the Barbara character represents

Tony Danza brings some comedic flavor to the family scenes with Jon, and it was good to see him playing a character that wasn't named Tony(I'm sure it was tough for him to deal with )

all in all Don Jon isn't a perfect movie, but it is a good turn in terms of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directing debut to deal with a subject as porn addiction which doesn't get talked about enough, but it was some what refreshing to have a movie deal with a different type of addiction then the usual ones.

I enjoyed the movie for what it was and there is a lot, a lot, a lot of porno scenes featured in the movie but they serve a purpose and are done in good taster like Hugh Hefner would say LOL


Joseph Gordon-Levitt-Jon
Scarlett Johansson-Barbara
Julianne Moore- Ester
Rob Brown- Bobby
Tony Danza- Jon. Sr
Glenne Headley- Angela
Brie Larson- Monica
Jeremy Luke- Danny
Paul Ben-Victor-Priest

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