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X-Men Days of Future Past (2014)

X-Men Days of Future Past

"Answer to the future lies in the past"


X-Men Days of Future Past was one of the most anticipated movies from the word go. this film would be bringing together stars from the original X-Men series and from the new series as well. How can that be since one takes place in current day while the other takes place in years past. good old time travel is how.

DOFP begins in a gloomy future where almost all the mutants have been either killed or imprisoned. Xavier(Patrick Stewart) along with Magneto(Ian McKellen) along with what's left of the X-Men Wolverine(Hugh Jackman), Storm (Halle Berry), Shadowcat (Ellen Page), Iceman(Shawn Ashmore), Colossus (Daniel Cudmore), and some new heroes Blink(Binkbink Fan),Sunspot(Adam Canto), Warpath (BooBoo Stewart),are fighting for their lives against one enemy that they can not defeat known as Sentinels that were created to destroy all mutants and anyone who helps mutants.

The X-Men find themselves in china at a final strong hold that they have, where it is decided that Shadowcat has to send someone back in time to stop the events that lead to the war that has caused all of this. Wolverine is chosen since he is the only one that can survive the trip.

Wolverine's conscious is sent back to his younger self in 1973 where he has to find Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) who at this time according to future Xavier "Isn't in a good place" and convince him of this crazy story of time travel and what all of their futures hold.

When I first heard about this new movie, it peaked my interest for a number of reasons, I've always been a fan of the X-Men going back to when I was a kid. and even a fan of the franchise the first 2 movies where very good, Last Stand is where things lose it's way. Origins:Wolverine is a decent movie that furthers Wolverine's story, First Class is where the reset button was first pressed, haven't seen the Wolverine sequel yet but I'm gonna focus on DOFP here.

Days of Future Past doesn't disappoint in my opinion, it plays out almost like a comic or episode from the Animate series that last for a little over 2 hrs which seems to fly by, we get to see a lot of our favorite characters either at different points in their lives (Xavier, Magneto, Wolverine,Mystique), we are introduced to new characters to the films Bishop(Omar Sy), Quicksilver(Evan Peters). new/old villains depending on how you look at it with Dr.Trask(Peter Dinklage), Major Styker(Josh Helman) and the Sentinel machines that were only hinted at or briefly seen in previous films.

Days of Future Past does a very good job balancing both groups of X-Men and time periods in one movie, which Bryan Singer director of the first two films deserves praise for the storyline that he created with the first two movies along with what Matthew Vaughn set up in First Class is where this movie truly deserves to be connected too.


When it comes to most superhero movies the acting can sometimes take a backseat to either the action or special effects but here we get to see some good acting moments namely James McAvoy who looks like a man who has lose his way and needs help getting back on track but his Xavier does a lot of growing up and we see the beginning of the Xavier that we have come to know.

Jennifer Lawrence's Raven/Mystique shows a lot of signs of the Rebecca Romijn Mystique from the first three films where she is cold. ruthless from being with Magneto for so long, but also there is some Raven left in her that grew up with Charles Xavier.

Michael Fassbender has really taken Eric/Magneto and made it his own, not taking anything away from Ian McKellen, but Fassbender's Magneto is headstrong and ruthless and is an agent of chaos(to steal from another supervillain) but what I like is that you can see McKellen's Magneto in Fassbender's younger version.

Peter Dinklage as Trask the man who wants to bring down the mutants standouts not only because of his size which has nothing to do with how good of an actor he is, anyone who has watched him on Game of Thrones knows that even though he is small in stature his acting and screen presence is very large and even in a few scenes here you forget that he isn't normal size. I wonder if we will see him again in any future films.

Now with all of the stars that are present here I'm going to shock a lot of people by giving high praise to Evan Peters as Quicksilver who brings a lot of joyfulness to the movie, the scenes that he appear in are all fun especially during one scene that could've went very bad but he turns it all around. now I don't know how Marvel's Quicksilver will be( I haven't seen him yet) but I do like this Quicksilver and Peters performance is a highlight for sure. also the little reference he makes to Magneto about his mother is a nice touch too, long time fans will get it for sure. Hopefully we see more of this QuickSilver in future films

There are a bunch of cameos in the movie which are good and bad depending if you were seeing the movie to see certain stars you might be a little disappointed but with how this movie ends you'll probably be seeing more of them in the future.


X-Men Days of Future Past has become the best film of this long franchise to this point, I know it seems like a prisoner of the moment remark but its not because its probably the most complete film of them all it makes right a few wrongs that a couple of the previous films made and now the full reset button has been pushed to where now the X-Men movies can truly work.

Fans of the series, comics and cartoons should be pleased with this installment, and fans of just the films should be as well, I highly recommend seeing this movie on the big screen weather 2D, 3D, IMAX whatever its worth it...also there is a scene after (a lot a lot a lot ) of credits so just wait because it shows just a glimpse of who and what's to come next for the X-Men

Hugh Jackman-Logan/Wolverine
James McAvoy-Charles Xavier
Michael Fassbender-Eric/Magneto
Jennifer Lawrence-Raven/Mystique
Halle Berry-Storm
Nicholas Hoult- Hank/Beast
Peter Dinklage- Dr. Trask
Ellen Page-Kitty Pride/Shadowcat
Evan Peters-Peter/QuickSilver
Shawn Ashmore- Bobby/Iceman
Omar Sy-Bishop

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