Thursday, June 27, 2013

Texas Chainsaw (2013)

"Evil Wears Many Faces"


A young woman travels to Texas to collect an inheritance, little does she know that an encounter with chainsaw wielding Leatherface is part of the reward.


Ok as a fan of the original franchise and some what fan of the reboot from 2003, I was a little surprised that they were going to do another sequel to the original series instead of the reboot, but I didn't have a problem with that because the original series is kinda all over the place after the 1986 sequel, but I still enjoy those movies, yes even The Next Generation too LOL.

Texas Chainsaw 3D begins with a quick review of what happened in the original 1974 classic and then starts with what happened right after with Sheriff Hooper (Thom Barry) racing to the farmhouse to confront the Sawyer family(that ironically goes from being only 4 into a whole clan of people) as Hooper tries to talk to Drayton/The Cook(Bill Moseley) a posse shows up lead by Burt Hartman(Paul Rae) and they don't want nothing more then to kill the Sawyer family by getting into a big shootout and burning the house down.

After the cool opening where there are a few cameos Bill Moseley taking over the part of Drayton Sawyer and Gunnar Hansen the original Leatherface making a appearance as Boss Sawyer( i think he still could've played Leatherface here too) the movie kinda losses it with one distracting plot hole which is that the little baby from the beginning that is saved or taken depending on how you look at it isn't in no way if there were a baby in 1973/74 is no way going to be in their mid 20s in 2012/13 I think it would've made more sense if this movie was set in the mid 90s then it would've been more believable otherwise Heather Miller(Alexandria Daddario) looked damn good for a 40ish woman.

Getting pass that major plot hole, I enjoyed this entry into the franchise I mean its not as good as The original nor the 1986 sequel but it can be arguably the best of the rest, you could tell that the original filmmakers had a hand in this movie with all the homages to the original with Kenny, Darryl, and Nikki's death scenes, also the tracking shoot of Tania Raymonde in the red shorts was a nice touch for a few reasons.

I didn't like how they made Heather kinda forget that all her friends had just been killed and then because she finds out all of the little secrets about what really happened to a family she knew nothing about until a few days before except that she had a new house and Leatherface for a cousin that was just trying to kill her all of a sudden helps him kill the people that killed the Sawyer family 40 years ago it made sense for Leatherface but not her to join his side of the fight.


I thought for the most part everybody did a good job with their characters with the exception of Scott Eastwood(Clint's kid) who kinda is just there and doesn't really serve a real purpose other then to be revealed as the mayor's kid and then disappears and not seen again.

Alexandria Daddario was good here i haven't really seen any of her other movies that she was a main star in but she should do more horror(good horror) movies and if a sequel is made to this one it'd be nice to see her return as Heather.

I really wanted to see what Trey Songz was going to be like with this being his first feature film role and he wasn't that bad, not great but not terrible either, he wasn't giving to much to do except to be eye candy for the females who know him from his music hence him being shirtless most of his scene time.

Tania Raymonde well if you seen the movie what is there really to say about her, the girl looked good and the camera always shot her at the right angles if you know what I mean, would've been nice if she had a better death scene but like they said in the movie "It's ok, it's ok, It didn't happen"

the really stand outs here were first Paul Rae(Burt Hartman) who I've seen in a number of other movies but they were all small or supporting roles that you never really pay to much attention to after the movie is over, but here as the sleazy big bad Mayor he shows that he can act and steals the scene which in this type of movie wasn't had to do but nonetheless he was the one real actor here.

Now on to Leatherface himself Dan Yeager I'm not gonna say he was the best Leatherface nor the worst but I enjoyed his take on the iconic horror character, he is a big guy and you couldn't always tell it in most scenes but during the final battle between him and Hartman who is actually a big guy himself kinda towers over him just lets you know how big he was to bad Leatherface didn't have to mean scenes chasing Heather and her friends like they normally do in these types of movies but it was ok I guess Leatherface is in his sixties now and cant move like he did 40 years ago.

All In All Texas Chainsaw is a fine entry into a franchise that not only has gone threw alot of changes but a character in Leatherface that has gone threw a lot of changes as well and sometimes gets forgotten when horror topics get brought up about best horror villans when he was around before your favorite horror character was and hopefully with how this movie ended we get a direct sequel to this movie because I liked where they took the story even though the backstory is somewhat changed now.


Alexandra Daddario- Heather

Dan Yeager- Leatherface

Tania Raymonde- Nikki

Paul Rae- Burt Hartman

Trey Songz- Ryan

Keram Malicki-Sanchez- Kenny

Thom Barry- Sheriff Hooper

Richard Riehle- Farnsworth

Scott Eastwood- Carl

Shaun Sipos-Darryl

Bill Moseley-Drayton Sawyer

Gunner Hansen- Boss Sawyer

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