Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Action Movie Reviews-Drive(2011)


"I don't carry a gun...I Drive"

Drive is the story of a"Man with no name" simply known as The Driver or Kid. he works part time as a mechanic when he's not being a driver stuntman for local movies but at night he's a getaway driver for local thugs.
Behind the wheel of a car is where he probably feels the most relaxed as he is a constant pro at this and does things his way and his way only "If I drive for you, you give me a time and a place. I give you a five minute window, anything happens in that five minutes, I'm yours no matter what. i don't sit in while your running it down, I don't carry a gun...I drive"

The plot of the movie is very basic, The driver meets a girl Irene and her son, they all become close but a little complex with the fact that he's the man with no name and we don't know that much about him, and it seems like nobody really does, but by the way he acts you know their is something about him.

as The Driver and Irene become more then friends her husband Standard(Oscar Isaac) 
comes home from prison and rejoins his family but is forced back into a life of crime thankes to local mafiso Nino(Ron Perlman)
Who has a couple of his guys rough up Standard who refuses to get back into that life and threaten Irene and her son life. which forces Driver to get involved and agrees to help Standard for Irene and her son safety.

The two men are told the job that needs to be done and has a third partner go along with them Blanche(Christina Hendricks)
They set out to do the robbery only to have it all go wrong in a matter of seconds leaving Standard killed and Driver doing a hell of a job getting out of there and trying to figure out what the hell went wrong. Here is where the movie and Ryan Gosling shines. he doesn't say much but like they say actions speaks louder then words.

Everything that went on with the robbery is tracked not only back to Nino but his partner Bernie(Albert Brooks)

This was a surprise hit not only to me but for alot of people, for one it has a throwback 80s vibe from the clothes, car chases and of course the soundtrack which itself tells the story just as much as what your seeing on the screen.

Ryan Gosling is probably at his best here as the man with now name who only speaks when its absolutely necessary and even sometimes won't when he should. he carries a lot in his facial expressions kinda like a Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen and even Lee Marvin to some degree used too.

Drive has one of the best cast ensemble where each and every performance is perfect led by Albert Brooks in one of, if not his best career performance. the cast is rounded out by some of televisions famous faces Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston (Shannon)
Sons Of Anarchy's Ron Perlman (Nino)
Mad Men's Christina Hendricks(Blanche)

Oscar Isaac(Standard) gives a small but very good performance as the fresh out of prison husband/father who is forced back into his old life

and last but not least Carey Mulligan(Irene) shows why she is very good actress as Mother/Wife/Love Interest and she does a great job with how she doesn't overact or underact with the situations that her character are thrown into.

All in all I wish I had scene this movie on the big screen because its one of the few movies that looks, feels and is acted and Directed  perfectly.

So go out Rent or Buy this masterful throwback to how films should and can still be made ASAP.


Ryan Gosling-Driver
Carey Mulligan-Irene
Albert Brooks-Bernie
Bryan Cranston-Shannon
Ron Perlman- Nino
Christina Hendricks-Blanche
Oscar Isaac-Standard


  1. Man I really need to check this flick out! Great review buddy!

  2. Thanks. Its really a great film and I was very surprised that a movie like this could get made today and was well received by everyone for the most part.