Friday, December 9, 2011

Ten Vampire Films To Watch Instead Of Twilight

The Title says it all, any and everybody who knows me and talks to me about these movies know i'm not a fan and any real Horror/Vampire movie fan doesn't like these movies because of how they water down what Vampires are all about. so after some thought I've come up with Ten or so vampire movies that i feel people should watch(In No Particular Order) instead of wasting their time with watching the Twilight Saga....

Here We Go....

10. Daybreakers (2009)

Daybreakers was actually a surprisingly good Vampire flick that came out after the first Twilight movie, the plot is a somewhat interesting one. In 2019 the world is ran by Vampires and they are running very low on blood supply that will run out in a months time, so a top corporation decides to capture and farm what's left of the remaining human race, while they are looking for a blood substitiute .

One thing i really liked about this movie was that the vampires in this movie were violent and didn't hesitant to attack people, and another thing is that the cast is really good.

Ethan Hawke-Edward Dalton

Williem Dafoe-Elvis

9. 30 Days Of Night (2007)

This vampire movie was one year ahead of the whole twilight craze so most people were still used to vicious and violent vampires at this time, which they are most defiantly are.

The story is another interesting one where a small Alaska town is getting ready for its 30 days of night (yes it actually happens in real life) a Stranger comes to town and warns everyone that "they coming" the "they" end up being a group of vampires that have being roaming around the world gypsy style and are the last of the vampires (In this movie they are).

The cast here is another really good ensemble led by.

Josh Hartnett-Sherriff Eben Oleson

Melissa George-Stella Oleson

Ben Foster-The Stranger

Mark Boone Junior-Beau Brower

Danny Huston-Marlow

8.Near Dark(1987)

Katheryn Bigelow made a pre Twilight ish type of vampire/western type of movie, Near Dark fans do not kill me for saying that i'll explain my reason for saying that momentarily. the plot is about a family of vampire ish people who are sensitive to sunlight, drink people blood (but don't have fangs), and live for a very long time.

There is a love story between the two young leads (Adrian Pasdar and Jenny Wright) somewhat similar to Twilight but where this one differs is that Twilight=Love Story Near Dark=Romance, yes there is a difference for those who do know lol.

The cast in this movie is probably one of the best with the quality of talent that are made up of the vampires.

Adrian Pasdar-Caleb Cotton

Jenny"Where are you?" Wright-Mae

Lance Henriksen-Jesse Hooker

Bill Paxton-Severen

Jeanette Goldstein-Diamondback

Joshua John Miller-Homer

7.Shadow Of The Vampire(2000)

This underrated and overlooked vampire movie is the only one that based on a the true story of how Nosferatu was made and about Max Schreck(if you havent seen Nosferatu or heard of Max Schreck, you should he was an interesting guy especially with what he did during the filming of the movie)

Shadow Of The Vampire is more then just a vampire movie, its a Thriller Williem Dafoe is great in this role of Schreck, Dafoe is a kinda creepy guy anyway in most movies but here he really shines(He was nominated for an Academy Award for this role also)

I won't go into much detail about the film since it's a film about another film that i believe makes this list sometime later where i'll explain more about the plot of the movie, but what i will say about this film Max Schreck is the realist vampire on this list.

The cast is another really good group of people led by two of my all time favorites...

John Malkovich-Frederich Wilhelm Murnau

Willem Dafoe-Max Schreck

6.Interview With The Vampire

Interview With The Vampire is probably one of the best Vampire movies ever made it captures everything there is about what a Vampire should and should not be(Twilight fans pay close attention here) the movie focus on Lestat(Tom Cruise) and Louis(Brad Pitt), starting off with how Louis became a vampire, and following the two men thru the course of their life as they encounter different vampires along the way, where this movie is different from other vampire movies is that Louis is telling his story to a reporter in present day.

Just like Twilight it was a huge hit with fans, despite the fact that Anne Rice writer of the novel of the same name wasn't to happy with the casting of Cruise as Lestat, but unlike The Twilight movies, this movie was nominated for  big awards including a Golden Globe Nod for best supporting actress(Kristin Dunst)

Interview With The Vampire probably has the best cast from a star power point of view with a good mix of big names and rising stars which you rarely see in vampire movies at all.


Brad Pitt-Louis

Tom Cruise-Lestat

Kristen Dunst-Claudia

Antonio Banderas- Armand

Christian Slater-Daniel Molloy


Here is the movie that Shadow Of The Vampire is based off of, Nosferatu is an unofficial version of Dracula where names and other stuff were changed for the simple fact that the studio couldn't get rights to Bram Stokers Dracula novel, the fact that this movie is a silent film makes it creepy, but Max Schreck's performance as Count Orlok(Count Dracula) is probably one of the best performances all time. granted this guy had some issues where he believed he was a real life vampire and did some terrible things(See #7 on this List) makes this movie worth a watch.


Max Schreck-Count Orlok

4. The Lost Boys(1987)

This is generally one of the first vampire movies that's brought up when vampire movies are being talked about and rightfully so. Once again there is a family of sorts of vampires that terrorize the town of Santa Cruz in California where a single mother and her two sons have moved to and live with her dad and their grandfather, after some time being there the boys end up fighting the gang along with two brothers....

The Frog Brothers is one of the most memorable things to come from this movie and continues to be as huge now as they were back then thanks in large part since their were two sequels made that don't stand up to this movie any way form or fashion.

The Lost Boys have a few similarities with The Twilight movies the biggest thing being that of the love triangle between Jason Patric(Michael), Jami Gertz(Star) and Keifer Sutherland(David)


And some vampires like Michael can go out in the sunlight, but they are very weak and have to wear dark shades at all time, but they don't glitter though lol.

The title of the movie is a play on The Lost Boys stories about Peter Pan and Neverland. The Vampires here are very 80s not saying its a good or bad thing, its just that their up to date with the times, but its never said how old exactly any of the young vampires actually are

The Vampires here don't have any problem being vicious and will kill any and everybody that gets in their way oh and they like to sleep in caves.

This movie has an all star cast of young stars at the time.


Jason Patric- Michael

Corey Haim- Sam

Keifer Sutherland- David


Edgar and Alan Frog aka The Frog Brothers-Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander

Jamie Gertz- Star

3. Stake Land(2010)

Another surprisingly really good vampire movie that's come in the aftermath of the watered down ness of Vampires thanks in large part to the Twilight Saga.

Stake Land is about a Teenager named Martin who sees his family killed and about to be killed himself until he is saved by the last or one of the last of the vampire hunters who goes only by Mister which is the name the boy gives him.

they go out on the road trying to make their way across the vampire infested land to a safe haven in Canada called New Haven.

along their journey we see as Mister teach Martin how to be a vampire hunter and killer in his own right, but also along the way they run into some decent people a Nun(Kelly McGillis), Soldier(Sean Nelson), and a pregnant drifter(Danielle Harris) and also some not so decent people known as The Brotherhood who use the vampires to kinda of take over small communities that are struggling to survive.

the vampires in this movie aren't like most that you see in other vampire movies, and its never really explained how the vampire apocalypse happened fully, little bits of that backstory is said in some dialogue between characters but we aren't fully given that story which isn't such a bad thing.
The look of and the way the vampires act in this is also different because for the most part they don't talk and are very animal like but then one actually talks but he is one of the Brotherhood memebers that was turned in the film, so its a little confusing but doesn't hurt the movie, because the overall story, feel and action in this movie is really good.


Connor Paola-Martin

Nick Damici-Mister

Danielle Harris-Belle

Kelly McGillis-Sister

Sean Nelson(He's on the Right)-Willie

2. Fright Night(1985)

Notice this is the original not the remake, because without this movie that one doesn't get made, with that being said lets talk about Fright Night(Original)

Teenager Charley Brewster is a fan of horror especially vampires so when his new neighbor moves in with some strange behavior the first thought that comes to mind is..."Vampire" he along with his girlfriend Amy(Amanda Bearse), bestfriend (Evil Ed)Stephen Geoffreys and horror television star Peter Vincent(Roddy McDowell) set out to prove that Charley's Neighbor Jerry Dandrige(Chris Sarandon)is indeed a vampire.

The movie has a real smooth kinda feel that you rarely see in movies in general but to have it in a horror vampire movie adds to the appeal, most notably the soundtrack makes the movie really good also, some good performances by Roddy McDowell and Chris Sarandon.

It was weird seeing Amanda "Marcy from Married with Children"Bearse in something other then that show, she was actually pretty good in this as well, and looked kinda cute as well.


Chris Sarandon-Jerry Dandrige

William Ragsdale-Charley Brewster

Amanda Bearse-Amy

Roddy McDowell-Peter Vincent

Stephen Geoffreys-Evil Ed

And last but not least.


Since there have been so many adaptations of the Iconic character i'm not even going to choose a film because every one is pretty much a fan of atleast one of them, i know i kinda copped out by doing this but this is my list i can do as i wish(and so can you)

What i'm going to do is list some of the most well known actors who's played the Dracula character over the years....

Bela Lugosi(1931,1948)

Christopher Lee(1958,1966,1968,1969,1970,1972,1973,)

Frank Langella(1979)

Gary Oldman(1992)

Gerard Butler(2000)

I just wanted to make this list just to let vampire fans know that there are better films out there to watch over the Twilight saga and I just felt like sharing Ten or so films that i feel you can watch instead of that.

I have nothing against people who like the watered down stuff(well maybe i do a little bit) but its nothing personal:)

In Closing if you havent seen any of the above mentioned movies and you are a fan of vampire movies i recommend checking them out, i know i left off alot of other vampire movies, but i just wanted to keep it simple with Ten, so if you don't see any that you like(that's not Twilight) please feel free to leave a comment of your on Top 10 List


  1. Love your picks. Especially Near Dark, I'm such a sucker for that movie. Lol! I've never seen Stake Land nor heard of it. Seems like an interesting movies and Danielle Harris is in it so it has to be good enough to give it a watch.

  2. Glad you like them. Yeah I'm a sucker for Near Dark also. I highly recommend Stake Land. It doesn't get much talk as it should. Danielle Harris is an added bonus in any movie she's in.