Sunday, November 27, 2011

Horror Movie Reviews-Stephen King's The Graveyard shift(1990)

Based off of one of Stephen King's short stories, The Graveyard Shift is about a group of workers who work in this cotton mill in Maine(Of course) where it is infested with rats and also where workers have died under mysterious circumstances thanks to a big surprise(which i'll talk about later)

The factory is ran with a Iron fist by Warwick or Mr. Warwick played by Stephen Macht who is one of the highlights of this movie from his not so quite on point Maine accent to his sleazy demeanor, now when watching you may think he has a hand in whats been going on with how he appears out of no where and villainous lines like "I'll see you down in the basement".

most of the cast are not very good but they all bring their on blend of off beat humor and quirkiness to this movie most notably is Brad Dourif(Child's Play) as Tucker Cleveland the Exterminator, he isn't giving a lot to do here which is a shame since this movie really could have used him a lot(a whole lot more) of him.

He does steal the movie with one scene when he give his speech about why he hates rats so much, that scene alone is watch the watch of this movie, which is not great by any means but still very entertaining and a guilty pleasure of mine.

remember that big surprise i spoke of well here it is, the mysterious death of the workers are caused by the devil almost incarnated in the form of a giant rat or is it a bat or did a rat have sex with a rat and give us a giant rat/bat i don't know but the special effect department did drop the ball on what this creature was supposed to be but with that said this thing is nasty and kills at will.

Unfortunately Dourif's Tucker Cleveland doesn't get a chance to have a showdown with the creature like i always hoped he would, because he exits stage left fairly early on in this movie in a stupid fashion i think he only did this movie because he was a name but remembered he had to film Child's Play 2 at the same time.

Warwick and the other workers are cleaning up the basement and suddenly comes across the giant beast where they slowly becomes this thing dinner, Warwick is the one who does have a showdown with the beast but it last all about five seconds, the hero of this movie(by default) is Loner/Drifter John Hall(David Andrews) who manages to kill the thing in the end.

Overall this is not the greatest movie in the world, but its not the worst neither i'll save that for another day, but The Graveyard Shift is one of those movies that you should watch maybe with a group of friends just to see how "so bad its good" it is and Brad Dourif in one unappreciated role of his  and to see a giant rat bat thing.

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